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Rattus: No Rio de Janeiro

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RATTUS IN RIO!!! BY Vitor Malheiros – @vcmalheiros

Rattus was ready to play and make my queixo falls right on the floor. And it just begun when I saw that red  “hallucinated” Rickenbacker with Tomppa, the bass player. I think if he just stayed there immobile that fuck enough as a great show to me, he don´t even need to touch that strings. Then you see Jopo, voice/guitar the youngest at band, and it´s a “gringo” rasta and a lot of cannabis propaganda through that white Les Paul, then I thought “this guy it´s a kindly crazy”. But I could not imagine what’s going to happens when they just start to play.  Just behind him, VP the drummer. “a friend of mine that saw then here in Rio on 2007 tour, just advise me – just give a look at the drummer”. Once again I can’t imagine what´s going on there. When VP just sit behind the drum and put that little microphone like brazilian pop singers, he just became specie of ogre at the instrument, it´s time to banging heads. Rattus to crazy punks! Jopo´s voice is a kindly ogre also, it´s something like punk groaning and some gore no possible to describe, hmm…well.. it´s possible to understand the words he´s cry loud, but.. it´s Finnish..hehehe…what the fuck this folks have in veins to keep the punk culture so wild and strong? I don´t know, I don’t care, it could maybe the cold weather man. Punks and bloody Vikings.. Oh yeah! It´s so obvious! Well, after all, this tour celebrates 35 years of punk, and it´s not to ordinary humankind, especially with all that strong charge of energy at the stage. While Tommpa seems like a good uncle that works in some ordinary office, it´s not!! He knows how to plays a real punk songs like eating his breakfast in the cold mornings at home in Finland. He just moves to claims the backing vocals. Meanwhile this, Jopo get crazy running from side to side banging furiously it´s dread locks, then you can see VP just smashing the poor drum. In this case moer (smash) means really brokes and changes that instrument into little pieces of a suffering drum, while this he keeps just plays like a kid in a kindgarden making the drum sticks rolls in a frenetic hit-hat between his fingers. But he also sings all the Rattus songs? So fucking yeah! And of course sweating a lot, and without t-shirt. About the set list, there´s some Rattus fans reading this comments? Could you please help me? Does anybody speak Finnish? I’ve Just got the set list on Picture, and for a moment, some folks gave a little help to translate some of that list songs, I Just recognize the old ones like: Rattus on Rautta, one of the last songs! The first one was Viina ei Petä followed byKuningas.  When I woke up today, I have to leave a message to Daise, for the nice opportunity to see this band alive again. It´s was one of the most impressive punk stuffs that in my life my eyes could saw!  If I thing that Suicidal Tendencies at Circo was so fucking cathartic, Rattus yesterday was super very best than ST. In fact I was suffering a lot with a terrible headache. That’s why I give up the pogo/circle pit and should worsty than I am…lol…Too much energy, to much cries, a drum like a glock metralhadora. By the way, VP is a furious monster showman!!! Ihmiset on sairaita, Uskonto on vaara, are fuckin’ great songs! To pay attention does not care at that time! Even if you don’t´ want to dance, you Just does it, automatically, while I was out of the place for a cigarette, giving to ears a little of peace, checking pictures, and eventually trying to found out the meaning of some songs, I could hear Rajoitettu Ydinsota and it was close to 5 am!!!  The massacre’s over!!!



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